Know k and d in mhc mouse and ia ie alpha beta

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Unformatted text preview: MHC mouse and IA IE alpha beta. Chromosome 17 Chromosome 6 Class 1 is a dimer. there is a different chain is coded by an other gene. co-dominant. the MHC expresses all genes. have half its alleles form the mom and half from the dad thus expressing both of each. why would a child not be resisted from moms in immunologic standpoint crossing over and thus getting recombination. almost a 25% that a sibling has a of having the same allele haplotype haplotype b=collectivize all the allels into haplotype b(always lowercase) to BALB/c Kuby et al 5th edition- Immunology mouse B,C, and A have whatever in all human's alleles. its hard to know how many alleles people would hard to count because of the accessibility 7billion plus background. cheetahs are so inbred that they basically have one MHC and have a lot of polygenic but not pollyallelic small pox from europeans as the measals to the native americans Explanation of Linkage Disequilibrium- frequency of alleles in a population does not always translate into the percentage of individuals expressing both alleles. Class I HLA – A...
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