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Chart gated cd8 cells derived from mice vaccinated

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Unformatted text preview: rom mice vaccinated with B16Null (melanoma cells without sugar) are control T cells (grey columns) while those derived from mice mice vaccinated with B16alpha Gal (melanoma cells with sugar) are α gal T cells (black columns). black shows sugar positive melenoma cells when the binding of the antibody to the cell wall, starts the complement system HSP. cells give up when under stress FACS analysis was done on gated CD8 cells (control T cells and α gal T cells) incubated in vitro with either colon cancer galactosyl negative targets (CA320M) or B16 null (galactosyl negative) melanoma cell targets. Intracellular TNF was measured by permeabilizing CD8 cells so antibody could enter the CD8 cells and bind to TNF. CD3 was measured by antibody binding to cell surface portions of CD3. cross presentation. class 1 presentation. proteozome 9-10 amino peptides. tap 1 and tap 2 that requires ATP. Overview of Class I presentation Overview of Class II presentation DM alpha and beta take out the clip and adds the amino peptides * * * * Viral evasion of antigen processing...
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