Chloroquine inhibites class 2 and emetine inhibits

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Unformatted text preview: hloroquine inhibites class 2 and emetine inhibits class 1 infectious virus can affect class 1 and expressed along with class 2 being entocytosis and shown it can not be produced in class 1 because the protein synthesis being blocked same as thhe infectious virus with emetine infectious virus and chloroquine, but if you put the gene in it and then presented in class 2 CTL Activity HA protein Treatment Of Target Cells Class I Restricted Class II Restricted + + - + - + Infectious virus + chloroquine + - HA protein - + HA gene + + Infectious Virus UV- Inactivated Virus Infectious virus + emetine Chloroquine inhibits endocytic pathway; emetine inhibits protein synthesis class 2 process Kuby et al 5th edition- Immunology class 1 Cross presentation, aka retrograde transolocation Cross presentation pathway Retrograde Translocation (membrane and secreted proteins) galactosyltransferase. lacks that enzyme, because any sugar(left) in the body the cell treats it as a foreign object. so we will have a lot of a...
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