Half comes from one alpha nd then then the other is

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Unformatted text preview: ormed by alpha helically structured alpha 2 gives the other wall beta sheets are the floor. half comes from one alpha nd then then the other is the other half another chromosome CD8 binding antibodies are interested in promiscuous hydrogen bonding is not specific and the * Binding cleft can bind to multiple antigens. because of the anchor residues in the cleft can bind to the different peptides. as long as the anchor residue is bound to the peptide. MHC Class I Class one, if its too long it gets chopped shorter and if its short it would elongate it the pocket is somewhat open so that it would extend beyond 2,3,6 are anchor residue anchor residues of antigenic peptides (8-10 amino acids for Class I binding) 9. I and L are very similar. you can replace it with v as well and they are interchangeable because of the similarity. anchor residues of antigenic peptides MHC Class II antigenic peptide is 13-18 amino acids for Class II binding MHC Class II alpha 1 and 2 and alph3 form the binding cleft. the variability chain is many polypeptides bind to one anoth...
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