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Once it recovers from this invasion it is sacrificed

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Unformatted text preview: er. photons-retinal experiment inject LCMV in the head of the mouse's brain. once it recovers from this invasion, it is sacrificed and then spleen cells are taken out mostly lymphocytes. purify it as a flow cytometry using cd8 purifier the cells must be infected by the virus. then present the viral proteins the superscript k is haplocyte target cells can be be bought the spleen cells are not sensitized and thus the haplotype is responsible. Kimball _3rd edition Intro to Immunology C3H.OH shows that cytotoxic and the mhc to be the same for it to match. if the class 2 matches up then it will get a DTH response but if it does not match up then it doesnt cause a response. allogeneic(different in everyplace, different alleles) the DTH response is a mhc class 2 restricted phenomenon. one of the the IE matches but the other doesnt even though it created a response because it only needs one heterodimer to match up and the IA is similar. the beta but not the alpha are similar but not enough Important Kimball _3rd edition Intro to Immunology Use Fowl Gamma Globulin to set up DTH assay (lymphocytes adoptively transferred from FGG exposed donors into naïve recipi...
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