So we will have a lot of antibodies against this

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Unformatted text preview: ntibodies against this sugar because a lot of bacteria has this sugar. α 1,3 glactosyl epitope and α 1,3 galactosyltransferase =sugar negative Galactosyl Primates does not present this. Xenograft get an organ from another species, and we reject them very vigorously because it express this sugar Titer Abalpha 1, 39 high amounts of anitbody against this sugar. melonoma cells becoming encrusted with melanoma melanoma vaccine A. Lungs from B16 Neo vaccinated mice A melanoma don't have this sugar. both of them have the mice have that enzyme but we knock it out. vaccinate both groups with melanoma cells a has no sugar and b has the sugar. we treated them both with melanoma without sugar. but the B's activated T cells will attack the melanoma without the sugar. Antibodies bind to the sugar positive vaccine and causes complement and opsinization, and as it dies it releases heatshock proteins. and as the cells get taken up by the MHC B. Lungs from mice injected with B16 alpha Gal vaccine Alpha gal showed double positive is expressed invitro. chart Gated CD8 cells derived f...
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