History Paper- Cold War effect on African Nations

R3 this occurrence really devastated mozambique as a

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Unformatted text preview: gg4.r3 This occurrence really devastated Mozambique as a million lives were taken and destruction surrounded the nation. Tragedy was written all over it. The Cold War really hindered the development and growth of Africa's newly independent nations. After years of being colonized by European nations, this independence would have been a good opportunity for Africa to start from scratch. However, the superpowers - the US and Soviet Union - just could not avoid the temptation of conquering new satellites. Their greed and determination to bring each other down led to the destruction of the nations they used in the process. Especially because these African nations just received their independence, they were quite clueless in ruling their nation and therefore, were easily controlled by the US and Soviet Union. They could do nothing against the superpowers that willingly plunged them into civil wa.rs, poverty, and famines, urhich would wreak havoc on their nation. This period in history impacted Africa in such a devastating way that even today, Africa still continues to recover. Word count: 7,462...
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