Midterm 2012

Midterm 2012

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Unformatted text preview: A rod cell is a modified neuron. C. The plasma membrane of a rod cell is fairly permeable to Na+ ions. D. The membrane potential of a rod cell exposed to light becomes more positive. E. Rod cells are more sensitive to light than cone cells. MCDB 1B Midterm Green (2) Version: 2 Page: 2 11. If the voltage-gated K+ channels were blocked in a neuron, the neuron A. would take a long time to return to resting potential after an action potential. B. would hyperpolarize. C. could not generate an action potential. D. could not generate a resting potential. E. would not be able to return to resting potential after an action potential. 12. Which of the following statements about growth hormone or its function is FALSE? A. Growth hormone stimulates the growth of bone and cartilage. B. Neurohormones of the hypothalamus influence the release of growth hormone. C. Growth hormone stimulates cells to take up amino acids. D. Insufficient growth hormone production results in dwarfism. E. All of the above are true, none are false Match the various molecules important in muscle contraction listed on the left with their action on the right. (Answers on the right may be used more than once or not at all but choose only one answer for each question-- 1 point each) A. changes shape of troponin 13. ATP binding B B. myosin releases actin 14. inorganic phosphate release D C. power...
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