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C the brains of primitive animals are called ganglia

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Unformatted text preview: rains of primitive animals are called ganglia. D. Neurons have a uniform shape throughout the nervous system. E. All neurons in the nervous system are myelinated by Schwann cells. MCDB 1B Midterm Green (2) Version: 2 Page: 4 Match the antibody class on the left with their characteristic on the right. (Answers on the right may be used more than once or not at all, but choose only one answer for each question---1 point each) 27. IgG E 28. IgA A 29. IgM B A. triggers histamine release B. first antibody produced in a primary immune response C. secreted in breast milk D. abundant on the surface of mast cells E. able to cross the placenta 30. Which of the following statements about the toll-like receptors is FALSE? A. It is stimulated by molecules made only by microbes. B. It can be found on the plasma membrane as well as intracellularly. C. It was originally discovered in fruit flies, but it has human counterparts. D. Its signalling involves phosphorylation of a transcription factor. E. All of the above are true; none is false. 31. Which of the following statements about sensory receptors is FALSE? A. Metabotropic receptors induce signaling cascades. B. Responses in the postsynaptic cell mediated by metabotropic receptors are usually slower than those mediated by ionotropic receptors. C. Mechanoreceptors are ion channels. D. Photoreceptors are ionotropic receptors. E. All the st...
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