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T tubules tropomyosin troponin 3 which of the

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Unformatted text preview: T-tubules; tropomyosin; troponin 3. Which of the following statements about fat digestion is FALSE? A. The major pathway for cholesterol elimination is via the feces. B. Fat digestion is achieved by secretions produced in the liver and pancreas. C. Bile salts break up fat droplets into micelles. D. Fats are absorbed as triglycerides, fatty acids and monoglycerides. E. Chylomicrons consist of triglycerides, cholesterol, phospholipids and proteins. 4. Which statement about hormone action is NOT true? A. All amine hormones are water soluble. B. The same hormone may have different effects on different cells. C. Some hormones can affect the hormone-producing cell itself. D. Water-soluble and lipid-soluble hormones reach their receptors in different ways. E. The receptors for water-soluble hormones are on the surface of target cells. MCDB 1B Midterm Green (2) Version: 2 Page: 1 5. The glycolytic system by which muscles obtain ATP A. is the most efficient means of producing ATP. B. relies on creatine phosphate. C. produces lactic acid. D. occurs in the mitochondria. E. is also referred to as the immediate system. 6. The stomach is extremely acidic, allowing it to perform several interesting feats. Which of the following is NOT one of the consequences of this acidic environment? A. Damage to the walls of the stomach, if not for the secretion of goblet cells. B....
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