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A b cells mature in the lymph nodes b all the

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Unformatted text preview: mature in the lymph nodes. B. All the adaptive immune cells are derived from the myeloid progenitor cell. C. A clonal population of plasma cells can produce antibodies to many different epitopes. D. It is the first to be activated in an infection. E. T cells can directly kill infected host cells but B cells cannot. 26. Patch clamping A. aids in remyelination of a neuron. B. fixes a break in the neuron plasma membrane. C. records ion movements through ion channels. D. inhibits impulse conduction along an axon. E. records an action potential through a single channel. 27. Which of the following statements about hormones is FALSE? A. A single endocrine gland may secrete multiple hormones. B. Some endocrine cells exist as single cells within a tissue. C. Exocrine glands have ducts that lead to the outside of the body. D. All hormones travel in the blood to their target cells. E. One particular hormone can have different effects on different tissues. 28. Which of the following does NOT occur during inflammation and wound healing? A. Histamines are released by eosinophils. B. Phagocytes engulf bacteria and other dead cells. C. Swelling occurs due to blood vessels dilating and becoming leaky. D. Some cy...
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