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A sodium potassium pumps voltage gated potassium

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Unformatted text preview: tassium pumps; voltage-gated potassium channels B. voltage-gated sodium channels; voltage-gated potassium channels C. open potassium channels; voltage-gated sodium channels D. open sodium channels; voltage-gated potassium channels E. voltage-gated potassium channels; chemically gated sodium channels Match the molecules important in vision (listed on the left) with their correct functions on the right. (Answers on the right may be used once only or not at all). These matchings are worth 1 point each. 39. phosphodiesterase B A. exchanges GTP for GDP 40. activated transducin E B. converts cGMP to GMP 41. rhodpsin D C. converts GMP to cGMP D. light absorption E. exchanges GDP for GTP 42. The action potential A. travels faster along neurons with a larger diameter. B. is accelerated in myelinated dendrites. C. is all-or-nothing and its magnitude does not decrease as it travels. D. both A and C are correct. E. all the choices are correct. 43. Which of the following statements is FALSE? A. Type I Diabetes is due to insufficient insulin production. B. Adrenalin increases the heart rate and blood glucose levels C. A high HDL to LDL ratio increases one’s risk for atherosclerotic heart disease. D Small p...
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