Midterm 2011M

Midterm 2011M

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Unformatted text preview: tokines elevate body temperature. E. Neutrophils are usually the first cells to arrive at the site of injury. 29. Which of the following statements on hormones is TRUE? A. Estrogen is also called the cuddle hormone and helps the mother bond with the baby. B. Tropic hormones released by the posterior pituitary control the activities of other glands. C. Insulin is produced by the pancreatic alpha cells. D. Insulin and glucagon function to regulate blood glucose levels. E. All the statements are false. 30. Which of the following behaviors results from the adaptation of sensory cells? A. Distinguishing separate sensations on the skin B. Discriminating different colors C. Ignoring your shoes as you walk D. Detecting high-pitched notes E. Detecting sound and light simultaneously 31. In the digestive system, inactive enzymes called _________ are activated by a positive feedback process termed ___________. A. precursors; unmasking B. pre-enzymes; cleavage C. zymogens; autocatalysis D. chyme; HCl E. pro-enzymes; hydrolysis Match the immune cells on the left with their characteristic on the right. (Answers on the right may be used once or not at all) 32. T helper cell C A. derived from monocytes 33. macrophage...
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