PHIL 330 Spring - 2007 Anderson Exam 1

PHIL 330 Spring - 2007 Anderson Exam 1 - Letter; V _-'...

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Unformatted text preview: Letter; V _-' ole fait— uii Moral Mfr are fdff q 5 Ublit’cth/e , €nof.'oaal ck}: .A c ‘ In If s In“ h 6+,Dr‘ra5reemtnl‘ [we’re a \ Philosophy 330 Exam One 22 points Name—*— I. True/False. Put T or F in the space before the statement. One point each. 3 __E_ 1. According to emotivism, when Elizabeth says “Bullfighting is morally wrong”, she is expressing a belief that must be considered true for her. __E 2. According to Divine Command theory, whether an individual‘s moral belief is true depends on whether the individual believes in God. I 3. Divine Command theory claims that there is an objective moral truth. AI. 4. According to Kass, one reason why human reproductive cloning is wrong is that it leaves too much to chance. L" 11. Multiple choice. Two points each. WM] & 1. Someone who believes that there is objective truth about morality must, to be consistent, also believe that (A) his or her moral judgments are necessarily correct} (B) there is universal agreement on at least some moral issues.* C) our moral beliefs do not come from our culture or upbringing.x whenever two people disagree on a moral issue, they cannot both be correct. __B_ 2. Which of the following is the best reason to reject Divine Command theory? (A) It makes sense only if everyone believes in the same God} It reduces “ri t” and “wrong” to arbitrary concepts. (C) It implies that everyone’s moral judgment is fallible. (D) It makes morality culturally relativesL ’ ' III. Short answer (one or two sentences). Four points each. 1. State one reason why simple subjectivism should not be taken seriously. “eagle §vhiec+5vu‘§m should W’Wi’ [9‘3 "f‘ilren (en‘ous'ly beau/re ‘7' stories +L\‘\i— we are :‘anllJaIe of (“WWW/9 0‘. PKKOK. TL‘Q’Q Would Le [7 no fectt‘an to dim-M56 Our Mt‘nois‘ of dirafireem 5140‘”. QGYMI.V ‘OQCC‘LUTQ [‘A rfhfle S‘viojec‘i‘r'I/CSM/ You q/e 2. “No other mammals practice asexual reproduction.” What is the best reason you can think of that would make this not a good argument for the claim that human reproductive cloning is immoral? TAG S'ifitemé-xi' ASTUMe? (L1 S‘hnc‘e chqfvr-ql (“VI TL“)- ‘ ll; flap 0‘ good artiUMQA‘i' la/( ‘ j’f' L 1‘? very s'inqflq/ eta ,‘nt/o~vefi‘ib'zc‘f.‘on of 7,790“ Ola/rerrl‘ip. The Fad- tloai' n0 OWN mammal)" do H‘ does/0+ Mean We TAOu/dn‘f. SAW-e. T141 Fact that animals may M‘Vk flier" fer/«70’ (Cher/9+ “Dike \‘i. fx’fitvi' For V)‘. g IV. Write your answer on the back. Six points. State all of the following for cultural relativism: a) its main claim; b) an argument in favor of it; c) a problem with that argument; and d) what you consider to be the best reason to reject the main claim. ‘ cm 'AA .‘nolwfduoxk moral judge/h?an are flue Oak», {9 may COAGO/m 1‘0 {013A YfflAdQ/d" 0F [ASS 0f (Ae/ 5—00‘9 Moral b. ' (“Ha/reg d'FFQ/ 0A MCI/0J5, ILLerefb/e TLQKQ (‘3‘ no oé}\cc1‘"\,e f/UH v r r C) :1- \\- (ogkq/ly UATOUAd. TAB Pad [‘Lqf CV/fU,QS-‘ CL-Tqyfoe WU ho’fmny +0 do oE/‘ecflt/e ffv’fl‘. T46 canclvn'oa deer/01L pout/W flan +Ae p/emfyle r at.) The lee“ ream +0 rej‘ecf +C\e mm dm‘m f? fa“ H- {L‘rowr oui’ Me {c1001 0P more?! {)fo7’ers. f’r (Aqu (amideer rl‘gH' 1L0 OWA dauey 200 yry‘ Q90_A600fd';\fl *0 U/(ch/rc‘d VQ‘QHUK‘M (“f bum/(Cl Le (OAS‘fOUWQd ff9L, Lye a“ £1an +L~°I+ TIM/Pry [3‘ wron 4‘00! {1" [Look mor‘a/ [3(09’83? 7‘0 Come +0 $fo Conch/Warp OflaQ/ ream/w 140 W 1/2) €C+ (I'ng C(Qx‘m‘ hdme {Ag {44951.17 I‘d/Ivde aH‘e/ Culfwer/ Uc‘ququ? l"\ culhre f/VIO/q’ (code, QMW Q ...
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/20/2008 for the course PHIL 330 taught by Professor Anderson during the Spring '06 term at UCLA.

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PHIL 330 Spring - 2007 Anderson Exam 1 - Letter; V _-'...

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