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0 b 2 telecommand part 1 channel service issue 2

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Unformatted text preview: l Service, Issue 1 January 1987 Original Issue CCSDS 201.0-B-2 Telecommand Part 1— Channel Service, Issue 2 November 1995 Superseded CCSDS 201.0-B-3 Telecommand Part 1— Channel Service, Issue 3 June 2000 Current Issue – the Tail Sequence was replaced with a new, more distinctive pattern, which is more reliably recognized at the end of a CLTU; – an option was added for randomizing the Telecommand data to increase bit transitions, for those command systems that require frequent bit transitions to maintain reliable bit synchronization; – minor format changes were made based on specifications of the CCSDS Publications Manual. – codeblock length options have been eliminated in favor of a single standard length of 64 bits (the longest and most efficient of the options specified in the previous issue). NOTE – Substantive changes from the previous issue are indicated with change bars in the outside margin. CCSDS 201.0-B-3 Page v June 2000 CCSDS RECOMMENDATION FOR TELECOMMAND: CHA...
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