2 a physical layer which contains the radio frequency

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Unformatted text preview: the data stream, and it delivers the contents of those codeblocks to the layer above. (2) A PHYSICAL LAYER, which contains the radio frequency and modulation capabilities that may be invoked to establish the physical data channel: these capabilities are fully described in Reference [3] and are only addressed within this document as required for clarity. The Physical layer also contains PHYSICAL LAYER OPERATIONS PROCEDURES (PLOPs) which provide the methods of activating and deactivating the physical channel. A complete, detailed specification of the services provided by each layer within the Channel Service is presented in Annex B. The first-time reader should digest Annex B before proceeding further in this document. NOTES 1 Figure 2-1 represents a logical view of the TC System and physical implementations may not necessarily correspond to the flow of operations implied by the figure. 2 This Recommendation primarily specifies the data structures and procedures flowing ACROSS the layers from the sending to the receiving end of the TC System, since these have a direct...
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