Ccsds 2010 b 3 page a 6 june 2000 ccsds recommendation

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Unformatted text preview: 01.0-B-3 Page A-6 June 2000 CCSDS RECOMMENDATION FOR TELECOMMAND: CHANNEL SERVICE ANNEX B CHANNEL SERVICE SPECIFICATION (THIS ANNEX IS PART OF THE RECOMMENDATION) Purpose: This Annex provides the detailed specification for the service provided by the Coding and Physical layers of the Telecommand System. CCSDS 201.0-B-3 Page B-1 June 2000 CCSDS RECOMMENDATION FOR TELECOMMAND: CHANNEL SERVICE B1 OVERVIEW OF THE LAYERS WITHIN THE TELECOMMAND B1.1 CHANNEL SERVICE The TC Channel Service consists of two layers: the Coding layer and the Physical layer. Each of the layers provides services to the layer above (e.g., the CCSDS Transfer layer, Reference [2]) at a “sending end” (located in the region of the user) and at a “receiving end” (located in space). A model of the activities within the Channel Service is presented in Figure B-1. TRANSFER LAYER SENDING END CONTROL DATA TRANSFER LAYER RECEIVING END INPUT DATA ENTITY CONTROL DATA CODING LAYER SENDING END CONTROL DATA “CLEAN” TC DATA (1) CODING LAYER RECEIVING END CONTROL DATA CLTUs PHYSICAL LAYER SENDING END “DIRTY” SYMBOL STREAM (2) PHYSICAL LAYER RECEIVING END MODULATED RADIO WAVEFORMS NOTES: (1) “CLEAN” = ERROR-FREE WITHIN THE PERFORMANCE CAPABILITY OF THE DECODER. (2) “DI...
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