Control information which indicates the readiness of

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Unformatted text preview: mbols. Control information which indicates the readiness of the channel is passed to the layer above. The spacecraft telecommand channel decoder within the receiving end of the Coding layer awaits this symbol stream containing an Acquisition sequence, a CLTU Start sequence, and the set of sequential TC Codeblocks which carry the encoded TC Transfer Frame information bits. The Acquisition sequence provides a preamble for symbol synchronization purposes. The CLTU Start sequence marks the start of the first TC Codeblock (which contains the leading bits of a TC Transfer Frame). TC Codeblock decoding begins after the CLTU Start sequence is detected: the TC Codeblocks are sequentially decoded to reconstruct the information (Input TC data) bits which, together with control data, are passed to the layer above which reassembles the TC Transfer Frame. If the Input TC data have been randomized, it is here that they are derandomized before being passed to the layer above. After transmission of all TC Codeblocks contained within the CLTU, a Tail sequence is transmitted which signals the end of the CLTU, and may be followed by an (optional) Idle sequence and more...
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