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Encoded tc data the tc data contained in a codeblock

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Unformatted text preview: DED TC DATA: The TC data contained in a codeblock. CCSDS 201.0-B-3 Page A-3 June 2000 CCSDS RECOMMENDATION FOR TELECOMMAND: CHANNEL SERVICE ENCODER: As used in this document, a Coding layer algorithmic process which adds check bits to a series of information bits to create a codeblock. EVENT: As used in this document, an action which causes the TC Channel Service to change states. FILL: Bits appended by the Coding layer to the Input Data to enable the data entity to exactly fit an integer number of codeblocks. These fill bits ARE transmitted and must be removed by the layer above. IDLE SEQUENCE: A specific high transition density bit pattern transmitted during a command session in the absence of a CLTU to maintain symbol synchronization in the channel. INPUT DATA: A discrete collection of data bits provided at the input to the Coding layer from the Data Routing Service. OCTET: A contiguous string of 8 bits; an 8-bit word. PHYSICAL LAYER: The lower layer of the TC Channel Service which provides the RF channel. At the se...
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