If there is a concern that the cltu does not have

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Unformatted text preview: ere is a concern that the CLTU does not have adequate symbol transitions to maintain symbol synchronization, then the Input TC data may be randomized using the sequence specified by the BTG in 3.3.1. The CLTU provides the data interface mechanism for passing the TC Codeblocks between the Coding layer and the Physical layer. To activate the telecommand channel in support of the Coding layer, the services of the sending end Physical layer are invoked. An RF carrier data path is first established, upon which various “Carrier Modulation Modes” (CMMs) may be established to support data transfer. By selecting an appropriate sequence of CMMs, a “Physical Layer Operations Procedure” (PLOP) is formed which activates and deactivates the link so that one or more CLTUs may be transmitted to the spacecraft. Upon activation of the channel by the selected PLOP, modulated radio waveforms are radiated to the spacecraft. The receiving end of the Physical layer receives this waveform and detects a stream of channel sy...
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