The data are encoded to reduce the effects of noise

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Unformatted text preview: gh which user telecommand data bits may be transferred. The data are encoded to reduce the effects of noise in the Physical layer channel on the user data. A block code has been chosen to provide this protection. Synchronization for the codeblock and delimiting of the beginning of user data are provided by the Command Link Transmission Unit (CLTU) data structure. Resolution of data ambiguity (sense of “1” and “0”) when receiving the symbol stream shall be a service of the Coding layer. Data ambiguity may result from the modulation technique utilized in the Physical layer such as suppressed-carrier modulation. Ambiguity resolution techniques shall use inherent information in the symbol stream such as either the CLTU start sequence pattern or NRZ-M modulation. Standard procedures for randomizing, encoding, and handling fill bits are described in 3.3. 3.2 STANDARD DATA STRUCTURES WITHIN THE CODING LAYER The standard data structures within the Coding layer are the TC Codeblock and the CLTU. 3.2.1 TC CODEBLOCK FORMAT The TC Code...
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