This filler bit shall always be a zero 322 command

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Unformatted text preview: de an overall Codeblock length which is an integer number of octets. This Filler Bit shall always be a zero. 3.2.2 COMMAND LINK TRANSMISSION UNIT (CLTU) FORMAT The CLTU is the data structure which carries the TC data as a contiguous series of encoded TC Codeblocks across the Channel Service. The encoded TC data within the CLTU consist of Input Data from the layer above. The CLTU has the structural components shown in Figure 3-2. COMMAND LINK TRANSMISSION UNIT START SEQUENCE ENCODED TC DATA TAIL SEQUENCE 16 BITS TC CODEBLOCKS LENGTH OF ONE TC CODEBLOCK Figure 3-2: Components of the CLTU CLTU Start Sequence. The CLTU Start Sequence field delimits the start of the encoded TC data within the CLTU. It consists of a 16-bit synchronization pattern with low autocorrelation sidelobes and shall have the following pattern: 1110101110010000 BIT 0 BIT 15 Encoded TC Data. The Encoded TC Data field consists of a set of TC Codeblocks which have been encoded in accordance with the TC Codeblock encoding procedure. In addition to error control bits, these codeblocks contain the Input Data to this layer, plus any fill bits...
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