This recommendation is not retroactive nor does it

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Unformatted text preview: ds in the field of spacecraft commanding. This Recommendation is not retroactive, nor does it commit any Agency to implement the recommended telecommand concepts at any future time. Nevertheless, all CCSDS Agencies accept the principle that all future implementations of telecommand which are used in cross-support situations will be based on this Recommendation. The CCSDS has developed a layered concept for spacecraft telecommanding, which is fully described in Reference [C2]. Standard services are defined within each layer, and Agencies will be encouraged to develop corresponding facilities to provide these services in support of Projects. To be fully compatible with the CCSDS concept, a Project’s telecommanding architecture should follow this Recommendation for Channel Service, plus the Recommendations for telecommand “Data Management Service” and telecommand “Data Routing Service” which are described in References [1] and [2], respectively. Projects may also elect to be partially compatible with the concept by interfacing with the standard systems at inter...
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