This recommendation primarily addresses the data unit

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Unformatted text preview: e future spacecraft telecommanding systems. This Recommendation primarily addresses the data unit formats and functions which are implemented within the Coding layer and the Physical layer of the CCSDS telecommand Channel Service. THE ASSOCIATED DETAILED OPERATIONAL PROTOCOLS WHICH OPERATE ACROSS THESE LAYERS, AND THE FLOW OF CONTROL INFORMATION REQUIRED TO INITIALIZE THE LAYERS AND DIRECT THE TRANSFER OF DATA BETWEEN THEM, ARE NOT PRESENTLY ADDRESSED WITHIN THIS DOCUMENT: THESE REMAIN ITEMS FOR POTENTIAL EXTENSION OF THIS RECOMMENDATION. The operating principles and procedures for the CCSDS are defined in Reference [C1]. The context of the Channel Service within the overall Telecommand System is described in Reference [C2]. This is a working document, subject to update as experience is gained, which provides an inter-Agency coordination mechanism that ensures that compatible implementations are facilitated. 1.2 APPLICABILITY This Recommendation serves as a guideline for the development of compatible internal Agency standar...
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