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C 2 synchronized detected dirty symbol stream with

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Unformatted text preview: d detected “dirty” symbol stream (with possible errors if harddecision decoding is used). Control information and status (e.g., physical telecommand channel active or inactive). OUTPUTS To the layer above: (a) (b) Decode Status, indicating start, continuity, and end of valid TC data. (c) (3) “Clean” decoded and derandomized (if used) TC data from each codeblock which have passed the decoder quality check. May include fill from last codeblock of CLTU. Control information describing status of the physical telecommand channel (e.g., RF and bit synchronization). INTERNAL FUNCTIONS (a) Permits the resolution of the sense of 1 and 0 in the incoming stream of dirty symbols, if not already provided by modulation techniques within the layer below. (b) Detects the CLTU Start sequence which provides decoder synchronization for the first codeblock; subsequent codeblocks are automatically synchronized by being contiguous. Signals the start of valid TC data. (c) Within the capability of the decoding algorithm, makes an estimate to determine if an error has probably occurred within the TC Codeblock. (d) Within the capabil...
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