D within the capability of the decoding algorithm

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Unformatted text preview: ity of the decoding algorithm, optionally makes an estimate of the correct value of the information bits if errors are suspected to have occurred within the group of symbols that correspond to one TC Codeblock, and continues decoding. CCSDS 201.0-B-3 Page B-6 June 2000 CCSDS RECOMMENDATION FOR TELECOMMAND: CHANNEL SERVICE (e) (f) If the Physical layer signals loss of modulation, leaves the DECODE state, enters the INACTIVE state, ceases to output further data, and signals the stop of valid TC data. (g) If the mission is randomizing its TC Data, the “Valid TC Data” is derandomized before being passed to the layer above. (h) B3 If a TC Codeblock is encountered which is sufficiently likely to contain a detected or uncorrectable error, declares a codeblock error, leaves the DECODE state, enters the SEARCH state and ceases to output further data. Signals the stop of valid TC data. Informs the layer above of status of the Channel Service. PHYSICAL LAYER SERVICE SPECIFICATION The basic Quality of Service of the Physical layer is to establish a physical path which connects the sending end of the Telecommand System to the receiving end in space. B3.1 PHYSICAL LAYER: SENDING END...
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