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Unformatted text preview: n allows the implementing organizations within each Agency to proceed coherently with the development of compatible Standards for the flight and ground systems that are within their cognizance. Agency Standards derived from this Recommendation may implement only a subset of the optional features allowed herein, or may incorporate features not addressed by the Recommendation. In order to establish a common framework within which the Agencies may develop standardized telecommand services, the CCSDS advocates adoption of a layered systems architecture. Within this approach, specific layers of service (including their operational protocol and data structuring techniques) may be selected for implementation according to mission requirements. The current layered set of CCSDS telecommand Recommendations was developed to match the conventional free-flying mission environment, as characterized by the transmission of command data at relatively low uplink data rates to spacecraft of moderate complexity. Advanced Orbiting Systems (AOS), which are characterized by a more complex mission environment, including the transmission of multiple data types at very high data rates to space vehicles which include extensive onboard data networking capability, may choose to use the AOS protocols and data structures defined in Reference [8] for both uplink and downlink or they may use the telecommand data structures and protocols defined here for uplink. This Recommendation for Telecommand Data Routing Service was developed within the layered architectural framework, and embraces the standard data structures and data communication procedures which may be used by conventional missions within the intermediate telecommand system layers. Through the process of normal evolution, it is expected that expansion, deletion or modification to this document may occur. This Recommendation is therefore subject to CCSDS document management and change control procedures which are defined in Reference[1]. CCSDS 202.0-B-2 ii...
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