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Unformatted text preview: 3EE5BD14126916E0502FF2F8E4A07FC2 b11,2 65287840D00243278F41CE1156D1868F24E02F91D3A1886ACE906CE741662B40B 4EFDFB90F76C1ADD884D920AFA8B3427EEB84A759FA02E00635743F50B942F0 b12,1 4109DA2A24E41B1F375645229981D4B7E88C36A12DAB64E91C764CC43CCEC188E C8C5855C8FF488BB91003602BEF43DBEC4A621048906A2CDC5DBD4103431DB8 b12,2 2185E3BC7076BA51AAD6B199C8C60BCD70E8245B874927136E6D8DD527DF0693D C10A1C8E51B5BE93FF7538FA138B335738F4315361ABF8C73BF40593AE22BE4 b13,1 228845775A262505B47288E065B23B4A6D78AFBDDB2356B392C692EF56A35AB4A A27767DE72F058C6484457C95A8CCDD0EF225ABA56B7657B7F0E947DC17F972 b13,2 2630C6F79878E50CF5ABD353A6ED80BEACC7169179EA57435E44411BC7D566136 DFA983019F3443DE8E4C60940BC4E31DCEAD514D755AF95A622585D69572692 b14,1 7273E8342918E097B1C1F5FEF32A150AEF5E11184782B5BD5A1D8071E94578B0A C722D7BF49E8C78D391294371FFBA7B88FABF8CC03A62B940CE60D669DFB7B6 b14,2 087EA12042793307045B283D7305E93D8F74725034E77D25D3FF043ADC5F8B5B1 86DB70A968A816835EFB575952EAE7EA4E76DF0D5F097590E1A2A978025573E The numbers in the second column represent the hexadecimal representation of the first row of each circulant. Since there are only 511 possible positions, the leftmost bit is padded with a zero to allow a 128 digit hexadecimal number, i.e., the leftmost number in the specification of each circulant shall be interpreted as octal (=3 bits), as opposed to the others which shall be interpreted as hexadecimal (=4 bits). The generator matrix circulants do not have a low density of ‘1’s as do the parity-check matrix circulants in table 7-1. All Bi,j circulant shifting is done by a single-bit right shift of the previous row. CCSDS 131.0-B-2 Page C-2 August 2011 CCSDS RECOMMENDED STANDARD FOR TM SYNCHRONIZATION AND CHANNEL CODING ANNEX D ACRONYMS AND TERMS (INFORMATIVE) D1 INTRODUCTION This annex lists key acronyms and terms that are used throughout this Recommended Standard to describe synchronization and channel coding. D2 ACRONYMS AOS Advanced Orbiting Systems ASM Attached Sync Marker CADU Channel Access Data Unit CCSDS Consultative Committee For Space Data Systems FECF Frame Error Control Field GF Galois Field LDPC Low-Density Parity-Check MSB Most Significant Bit NRZ-L Non-Return-to-Zero-Level NRZ-M Non-Return-to-Zero-Mark OSI Open Systems Interconnection QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying R-S Reed-Solomon SANA Space Assigned Numbers Authority TC Telecommand TCM Trellis Coded Modulation TM Telemetry VCDU Virtual Channel Data Unit CCSDS 131.0-B-2 Page D-1 August 20...
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