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Unformatted text preview: édiffusion de France under US Patent 5,446,747 and its counterparts in other countries. Potential user agencies should direct their requests for licenses to: Mr. Christian Hamon CCETT GIE/CVP 4 rue du Clos Courtel BP59, 35512 CESSON SEVIGNE Cedex, France Tel: +33 2 99 12 48 05, Fax: +33 2 99 12 40 98 E-mail: [email protected] B3.2 LDPC CODING Implementers should be aware that the 1/2-, 2/3-, and 4/5-rate codes are covered by US Patent 7,343,539. Potential user agencies should direct their requests for licenses to: Office of Technology Transfer California Institute of Technology 1200 E. California Blvd., Mail Code 210-85 Pasadena, CA 91125 Tel: +1 626 395 3822, +1 626 577 2528 E-mail: [email protected] CCSDS 131.0-B-2 Page B-2 August 2011 CCSDS RECOMMENDED STANDARD FOR TM SYNCHRONIZATION AND CHANNEL CODING ANNEX C ANNEX TO SUBSECTION 7.3, LOW-DENSITY PARITY-CHECK CODE WITH RATE 223/255 (INFORMATIVE) C1 GENERATOR MATRIX CIRCULANT TABLE Table C-1: Table of Circulants for the Generator Matrix Circulant 1st row of circulant b1,1 55BF56CC55283DFEEFEA8C8CFF04E1EBD9067710988E25048D67525426939E206 8D2DC6FCD2F822BEB6BD96C8A76F4932AAE9BC53AD20A2A9C86BB461E43759C b1,2 6855AE08698A50AA3051768793DC238544AF3FE987391021AAF6383A6503409C3 CE971A80B3ECE12363EE809A01D91204F1811123EAB867D3E40E8C652585D28 b2,1 62B21CF0AEE0649FA67B7D0EA6551C1CD194CA77501E0FCF8C85867B9CF679C18B CF7939E10F8550661848A4E0A9E9EDB7DAB9EDABA18C168C8E28AACDDEAB1E b2,2 64B71F486AD57125660C4512247B229F0017BA649C6C11148FB00B70808286F1A 9790748D296A593FA4FD2C6D7AAF7750F0C71B31AEE5B400C7F5D73AAF00710 b3,1 681A8E51420BD8294ECE13E491D618083FFBBA830DB5FAF330209877D801F92B5 E07117C57E75F6F0D873B3E520F21EAFD78C1612C6228111A369D5790F5929A b3,2 04DF1DD77F1C20C1FB570D7DD7A1219EAECEA4B2877282651B0FFE713DF338A63 263BC0E324A87E2DC1AD64C9F10AAA585ED6905946EE167A73CF04AD2AF9218 b4,1 35951FEE6F20C902296C9488003345E6C5526C5519230454C556B8A04FC0DC642 D682D94B4594B5197037DF15B5817B26F16D0A3302C09383412822F6D2B23...
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