Also some technical terms in reference b3 have been

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Unformatted text preview: mendation, Packets with any Packet Version Number can be transferred as Packets as long as their Packet Version Number is authorized by CCSDS. C2.2 MULTIPLEXING AND DEMULTIPLEXING OF PACKETS WITH DIFFERENT APIDS In reference [B3] Packets with different APIDs are multiplexed and demultiplexed by the Data Link Layer. However, since the APID does not belong to the Data Link Layer, it is assumed in this Recommendation that Packets with different APIDs are multiplexed and demultiplexed by the Space Packet Protocol. C2.3 MASTER CHANNEL FRAME SERVICE In reference [B2] it is possible to multiplex Transfer Frames of different Master Channels on a physical channel, but no service is explicitly defined for transferring Transfer Frames of a Master Channel in reference [B3]. This Recommendation specifies a service for transferring Transfer Frames of a Master Channel, which is called the Master Channel Frame Service. C2.4 PARAMETERS OF SERVICE PRIMITIVES In order to define the service primitives of all Space Data Link Protocols in a unified way, some parameters of some service primitives of reference [B3] have been changed. CCSDS 132.0-B-1 Page C-1 September 2003 CCSDS RECOMMENDATION FOR TM SPACE DATA LINK PROTOCOL C3 TERMINOLOGY CHANGES Table C-1 list the terms that have been changed from reference [B3]. Table C-1: Mapping of Terms of Reference [B3] That Have Been Redefined Terms Used in Reference [B3] Terms Used in This Recommendation Packet Transfer Service Packet Service Privately Defined Data Transfer Service Virtual Channel Access Service CCSDS 132.0-B-1 Page C-2 September 2003...
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