Recommendation for space data system standards ccsds

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Unformatted text preview: ssigned Number Authority. [5] CCSDS Global Spacecraft Identification Field Code Assignment Control Procedures. Recommendation for Space Data System Standards, CCSDS 320.0-B-3. Blue Book. Issue 3. Washington, D.C.: CCSDS, April 2003. [6] Space Packet Protocol. Recommendation for Space Data System Standards, CCSDS 133.0-B-1. Blue Book. Issue 1. Washington, D.C.: CCSDS, September 2003. NOTE – Informative references are listed in annex B. CCSDS 132.0-B-1 Cor.1 Page 1-5 September 2003 September 2012 CCSDS RECOMMENDATION FOR TM SPACE DATA LINK PROTOCOL 2 2.1 OVERVIEW CONCEPT OF TM SPACE DATA LINK PROTOCOL 2.1.1 ARCHITECTURE The TM Space Data Link Protocol is a Data Link Layer protocol (see reference [1]) to be used by space missions. This protocol has been designed to meet the requirements of space missions for efficient transfer of space application data of various types and characteristics over space-to-ground or space-to-space communications links (hereafter called space links). Figure 2-1 illustrates the relationship of this protocol to the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model (reference [1]). Two sublayers of the Data Link Layer are defined for CCSDS space link protocols as shown in reference [B4]. The TM Space Data Link Protocol corresponds to the Logical Link Sublayer, and provides functions of transferring various data using a fixed-length protocol data unit called the Transfer Frame. The Synchronization and Channel Coding Sublayer provides some additional functions necessary for transferring Transfer Frames over a space link. These functions are delimiting/synchronizing Transfer Frames, error-correction coding/decoding (optional), and bit transition generation/removal (optional). For the Synchronization and Channel Coding Sublayer, the TM Synchronization and Channel Coding Recommendation (reference [3]) must be used with the TM Space Data Link Protocol. How the TM Space Data Link Protocol is used in overall space data systems is shown in reference [B4]. OSI LAYERS CCSDS LAYERS NETWORK AND UPPER LAYERS NETWORK AND UPPER LAYERS CCSDS PROTOCOLS DATA LINK PROTOCOL SUBLAYER TM SPACE DATA LINK PROTOCOL SYNCHRONIZATION AND CHANNEL CODING SUBLAYER TM SYNCH...
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