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Unformatted text preview: n Receipt The effect of receipt of the MC_FSH.indication primitive by the MC_FSH Service user is undefined. Additional Comments The MC_FSH.indication primitive shall be used to deliver FSH_SDUs to the MC_FSH Service user identified by the MCID. CCSDS 132.0-B-1 Page 3-20 September 2003 CCSDS RECOMMENDATION FOR TM SPACE DATA LINK PROTOCOL 3.9 MASTER CHANNEL OPERATIONAL CONTROL FIELD (MC_OCF) SERVICE 3.9.1 OVERVIEW OF MC_OCF SERVICE The Master Channel Operational Control Field (MC_OCF) Service provides synchronous transfer of fixed-length data units, each consisting of four octets, in the Operational Control Field (OCF) of Transfer Frames of a Master Channel. The service is unidirectional and sequence-preserving. The transfer is synchronized with the release of Transfer Frames of a Master Channel. The service does not guarantee completeness, but it may signal gaps in the sequence of service data units delivered to a receiving user. Only one user, identified with the MCID of the Master Channel, can use this service on a Master Channel. Service data units from different users are not multiplexed together within one Master Channel. 3.9.2 MC_OCF SERVICE PARAMETERS General The parameters used by the MC_OCF Service primitives shall conform to the specifications contained in subsections through OCF_SDU NOTE – The OCF_SDU parameter is the service data unit transferred by the MC_OCF Service in the Operational Control Field of Transfer Frames of a Master Channel. For restrictions on the OCF_SDU transferred by the MC_OCF Service, see 3.2.5. MCID The MCID parameter shall contain an MCID that indicates the Master Channel through which the OCF_SDU is to be transferred. NOTE – The MCID parameter is the SAP address of the OCF_SDU Service. OCF_SDU Loss Flag The OCF_SDU Loss Flag is an optional parameter that may be used to notify the user at the receiving end of the MC_OCF Service that a sequence discontinuity has been detec...
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