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5217 resume this action includes a starting the timer

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Unformatted text preview: r an ‘Accept Response to Directive’, depending on the occasion. 5.2.12 ‘REJECT’ This action includes: generating either a ‘Reject Response to Request to Transfer FDU’ or a ‘Reject Response to Directive’, depending on the occasion. 5.2.13 ‘CONFIRM’ This action includes: generating either a ‘Positive Confirm Response to Request to Transfer FDU ‘ or a ‘Positive Confirm Response to Directive’, depending on the occasion. 5.2.14 ‘INITIALIZE’ This action includes: a) purging the Sent_Queue; b) purging the Wait_Queue; c) setting the Transmission_Count to ‘1’; d) setting Suspend_State (SS) to ‘0’. 5.2.15 ‘ALERT’ This action includes: a) canceling the Timer; b) purging the Sent_Queue; c) purging the Wait_Queue; d) completing the processing of any ‘Initiate AD Service’ Directive by generating a ‘Negative Confirm Response to Directive’ for the Directive; e) generating an ‘Alert’ notification with the Reason Code specified in square brackets in the State Table. CCSDS 232.1-B-2 Page 5-13 September 2010 RECOMMENDED STANDARD FOR COMMUNICATIONS OPERATION PROCEDURE-1 5.2.16 ‘SUSPEND’ This action includes: generating a ‘Suspend’ notification to the Higher Procedures. 5.2.17 ‘RESUME’ This action includes: a) starting the Timer; b) setting Suspend_State (SS) to ‘0’. 5.2.18 ‘IGNORE’ This action involves no processing by FOP-1. 5.3 FOP-1 STATE TABLE 5.3.1 STATE MACHINE FOP-1 is defined as a state machine that is described in a State Table. The basic operation principle of the state machine is that it remains in a ‘State’ until an ‘Event’ occurs. When an Event occurs, it is analyzed until it is fully identified, and then the Actions specified for the combination of that Event and that State are executed. Finally, the State variable is updated with the new State value specified for the combination. The FOP-1 state machine is described in the FOP-1 State Table in table 5-1. NOTES 1 The FOP-1 defined in this Recommended Standard is FOP...
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