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Unformatted text preview: he Higher Procedures, and the set of procedures performed below FOP-1 is collectively called the Lower Procedures. CCSDS 232.1-B-2 Page 3-1 September 2010 RECOMMENDED STANDARD FOR COMMUNICATIONS OPERATION PROCEDURE-1 User (Higher Layer Protocol) Service Data Units and Directives Notifications TC Data Link Protocol Higher Procedures FrameOperation Procedure-1 (FOP-1) Lower Procedures CLCWs Protocol Used in the Opposite Direction Transfer Frames Channel Coding and Synchronization Figure 3-1: Internal Organization of Protocol Entity (Sending End) The users of the TC Space Data Link Protocol shall interact with the protocol entity through Service Access Points (SAPs) using service primitives defined in reference [3]. The users shall request the protocol entity to transfer service data units, and shall receive from the protocol entity notifications associated with the transfer of service data units. The users may also request the protocol entity to perform Directives defined in section 4. The Higher Procedures shall perform blocking and/or segmentation if necessary, and shall deliver Frame Data Units (FDUs) to the entities of FOP-1 (there is an entity of FOP-1 for each Virtual Channel). FOP-1 shall: generate some parameters of the Transfer Frame Primary Header; control transmission and retransmission of FDUs by examining the CLCWs received from the receiving end; and deliver FDUs with the generated parameters to the Lower Procedures. FOP-1 shall receive CLCWs using a protocol used in the opposite direction. The Lower Procedures shall generate Transfer Frames from the data received from FOP-1, multiplex Transfer Frames, and deliver Transfer Frames to the underlying entity of Channel Coding and Synchronization. 3.2.2 FOP-1 INTERFACE TO HIGHER PROCEDURES Inter-procedure Signals FOP-1 shall interact with the Higher Procedures using inter-procedure signals. These interprocedure signals are related to service primitives exchanged between users of the protocol...
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