Finally the parameters used for managing cop 1 are

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Unformatted text preview: state machine, actions performed by the state machine, and the state table of the state machine are defined in this order. Finally, the parameters used for managing COP-1 are specified in section 7. CCSDS 232.1-B-2 Page 2-4 September 2010 RECOMMENDED STANDARD FOR COMMUNICATIONS OPERATION PROCEDURE-1 3 INTER-PROCEDURE INTERFACES 3.1 DEFINITIONS COP-1 is one of the procedures performed by the protocol entity of the TC Space Data Link Protocol (reference [3]). In order to define the operations of COP-1 completely and clearly, it is necessary to define some of the characteristics of the interfaces between COP-1 and other procedures of the protocol entity. This subsection defines the interfaces between COP1 and other procedures of the protocol entity that are used to define COP-1 in the succeeding sections of this document. The inter-procedure interfaces are defined only for the purpose of specifying the operations of COP-1 completely and clearly, and are not intended to imply any implementation technology or hardware/software configuration in a real system. The inter-procedure interfaces are specified in the form of inter-procedure signals, which present an abstract model of the logical exchange of data and control information between procedures. The parameters of the primitives are specified in an abstract sense and specify the information to be made available to the procedure that uses the signal. The way in which a specific implementation makes this information available is not constrained by this specification. In addition to the parameters specified here, an implementation may provide other parameters (e.g., parameters for controlling activities, monitoring performance, facilitating diagnosis, and so on). 3.2 3.2.1 INTER-PROCEDURE INTERFACES AT THE SENDING END INTERNAL ORGANIZATION OF PROTOCOL ENTITY NOTE – Figure 3-1 shows the internal organization of the TC Space Data Link Protocol entity at the sending end, together with the interfaces with the other protocols used with the TC Space Data Link Protocol. The set of procedures performed above FOP-1 is collectively called t...
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