The negative confirm response to request to transfer

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Unformatted text preview: P-1 is unable to guarantee that an FDU was transferred to the receiving end despite retry attempts, a ‘Negative Confirm Response to Request to Transfer FDU’ for that FDU shall be passed to the Higher Procedures. FDUs for which a ‘Negative Confirm Response’ is received may or may not have been successfully transferred. Therefore, a ‘Negative Confirm Response’ shall signal a break in the Sequence-Controlled Service guarantee. The ‘Negative Confirm Response to Request to Transfer FDU’ does not carry a parameter giving the reason for the failure to confirm the requested data transfer service. However, whenever a condition is detected which might give rise to such responses, an ‘Alert’ notification shall be signaled from FOP-1. From the point of view of the Higher Procedures, between the time of acceptance of an FDU by FOP-1 until a ‘Positive Confirm Response’ is received, the FDU is in a ‘gray area’ in which it is not possible to know if it has been transferred to the receiving end. If an FDU has not been accepted by FOP-1, it is deemed to be still under the control of the Higher Procedures and is not covered by the Sequence-Controlled Service guarantee. Once FOP-1 CCSDS 232.1-B-2 Page 4-8 September 2010 RECOMMENDED STANDARD FOR COMMUNICATIONS OPERATION PROCEDURE-1 detects a problem (for example, a failure of the automatic error-recovery mechanism to ensure transfer) leading to a break in the Sequence-Controlled Service guarantee, it shall reject the outstanding ‘Request to Transfer FDU’. Therefore, an FDU which has not been accepted can never be in the ‘gray area’. Once either a ‘Positive Confirm Response to Request to Transfer FDU’ or a ‘Negative Confirm Response to Request to Transfer FDU is returned, no further action shall be taken by FOP-1 for the corresponding Request. 4.4.3 TRANSFER NOTIFICATIONS FOR TYPE-B (OR BD) SERVICE After each ‘Request to Transfer FDU’ from the Higher Procedures (see, either immediately or after a delay, FOP-1 returns to the Higher Procedures either an ‘Accept Response to Request to...
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