Sometimes the handoff is not smooth every 1500 byte

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Unformatted text preview: you are SIRIUS/XM Radio and you want to stream online music to several million users a day, you will definitely need some help. If you are MTV and want to stream music videos to your 6 million customers online, or Apple iTunes and want to download music or video files to your 50 million online customers, you will also need some help. Akamai in one of the Web’s major helpers, and each of the preceding companies, along with the Web’s top 2,000 domains, use Akamai’s services to speed the delivery of content. Akamai serves over 1 million simultaneous media streams on a typical day. Slow- loading Web pages and Web content—from music to video—sometimes results from poor design, but more often than not, the problem stems from the underlying infrastructure of the Internet. As you have learned in E- Commerce course, the Internet was originally developed to carry text- based email messages among a relatively small group of researchers, not bandwidth- hogging graphics, sound, and video files to tens of millions of people all at once. The Internet is a collection of networks that has to pass information from one network to another. Sometimes the handoff is not smooth. Every 1,500- byte packet of information sent over the Internet must be verified by the receiving server and an acknowledgment sent to the sender. This slows down not only the distribution of content such as music, but also slows down interactive requests, such as purchases, that require the client computer to interact with an online shopping cart. Moreover, each packet may go through many different servers on its way to its final destination, multiplying by several orders of magnitude the number of acknowledgments required to move a packet from New York to San Francisco. The Internet today spends much of its time and capacity verifying packets, contributing to a problem c...
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