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Sources 1 facts figures akamai september 28 2010 2

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Unformatted text preview: m 4 to 10 times as fast as non- Akamaized content. Akamai has developed a number of other business services based on its Internet savvy, including content targeting of advertising based on user location and zip code, content security, business intelligence, disaster recovery, on- demand bandwidth, and computing capacity during spikes in Internet traffic in partnership with IBM, storage, global traffic management, and streaming services. Akamai also offers a product line called Advertising Decision Solutions, which proves companies with intelligence generated by the Internet’s most accurate and comprehensive knowledge base of Internet network activity. Akamai’s massive server deployment and relationships with networks throughout the world enable optimal collection of geography and bandwidth- sensing information. As a result, Akamai provides a highly accurate knowledge base with worldwide coverage. Customers integrate a simple program into their Web server or application server. This program communicates with the Akamai database to retrieve the very latest information. The Akamai network of ser...
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