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15A.12 syll F13

17 thursday political science final exam part 2

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Unformatted text preview: udiotape players; sound systems, wireless microphones, projection screens and monitors. SJSU Counseling Services The SJSU Counseling Services is located on the corner of 7th Street and San Fernando Street, in Room 201, Administration Building. Professional psychologists, social workers, and counselors are available to provide consultations on issues of student mental health, campus climate or psychological and academic issues on an individual, couple, or group basis. To schedule an appointment or learn more information, visit Counseling Services website at http://www.sjsu.edu/counseling. SJSU Writing Center The SJSU Writing Center is located in Clark Hall, Suite 126. All Writing Spets have gone through a rigorous hiring process, and they are well trained to assist all students at all levels within all disciplines to become better writers. In addition to one ­on ­one tu...
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