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A computer lab and study space are also available for

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Unformatted text preview: at a grade of Incomplete must be made up within a calendar year or it will automatically convert into a failing grade. Public Sharing of Instructor Material SJSU Academic Senate Policy S12 ­7: “Course material developed by the instructor is the intellectual property of the instructor and cannot be shared publicly without his/her approval. You may not publicly share or upload instructor generated material for this course such as exam questions, lecture notes, or homework solutions without instructor consent.” Do not distribute Prof. Currin ­Percival’s or Prof. Gendzel’s course notes, PowerPoint slides, quizzes, exams, or other course materials without explicit permission from the instructor. HIST 15A ­12: American History & Government / Currin ­Percival & Gendzel – Fall 2013 Page 7 of 12 Dropping and Adding Students are responsible for understanding the policies and procedures about add/drop, grade forgiveness, etc....
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