Howard zinn and anthony arnove eds voices of a

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Unformatted text preview: e and contrast events and developments that have shaped our modern society. You will gain an understanding of the critical role played by America’s cultural diversity and will be able to better grasp why diversity has been expressed in cycles of confrontation and cooperation. Your mastery of these concepts will be assessed through multiple ­choice examinations and essay assignments. HIST 15A ­12: American History & Government / Currin ­Percival & Gendzel – Fall 2013 Page 2 of 12 Required Textbooks – Available at the Spartan Bookstore 1. Samuel Kernell, Gary C. Jacobson, Thad Kousser, and Lynn Vavreck, The Logic of American Politics, 6th ed. (CQ Press College 2011) ISBN 9781452276496 2. Howard Zinn, A People’s History of the United States, 1492 ­Present (Harper Perennial 2003) ISBN 9780060838652 [DO NOT USE EARLIER EDITIONS – 2010 EDITION OK] 3....
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