15A.12 syll F13

Important you are responsible for knowing the

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Unformatted text preview: length of the course (normally 3 hours per unit per week with one of the hours used for lecture) for instruction or preparation/studying or course related activities. Other course structures will have equivalent workload expectations as described in the syllabus. (See SJSU Academic Senate Policy S12 ­3.) Incompletes SJSU Academic Senate Policy S09 ­7 mandates that a grade of Incomplete can be granted only when a student has satisfactorily completed a substantial portion of the course requirements and is unable to complete the course because of an accident, illness, military service, or some other “unforeseen, but fully justified” event beyond the student’s control. Incompletes will only be considered for students with documented emergencies (see Makeup Exams policy above) who have already passed the first half of the course. No one will receive a grade of Incomplete without prior consultation with the instructors, who may grant an “F” instead. SJSU Academic Senate Policy S09 ­7 also mandates th...
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