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15A.12 syll F13

Other course structures will have equivalent workload

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Unformatted text preview: alid documentation (see above). Makeup exams may vary in format and difficulty from regularly scheduled History exams. IMPORTANT: If you miss an exam, you MUST call the relevant instructor within 24 hours and leave a message explaining your emergency. (See p. 1 of this syllabus for phone numbers.) You MUST schedule a makeup exam with the relevant instructor immediately and provide official documentation of your emergency. In ALL other cases, you will receive an “F” (0) for any exam that you miss, including makeup exams. GRADING Your grade in the course will be determined by a combination of your Political Science score and your History score. A maximum of 250 points is possible in each subject. A maximum of 500 points is possible in the course. Hence your score in each subject will comprise 50% of your final grade in the course. There is no “curve” and you are not in competition with other students, so the overall grade distribution in this class is irrelevant and will remain con...
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