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Unformatted text preview: Senate Policy F69 ­24: “Students should attend all meetings of their classes, not only because they are responsible for material discussed therein, but because active participation is frequently essential to insure maximum benefit for all members of the class.” You should attend every class meeting from start to finish. If you must arrive late or leave early, use the rear door and sit in the back of the room. Do not come and go during class. A great deal of material is covered every day in class. All lectures will be tested on exams. If you miss a class, or any part of a class, you are still responsible for all lecture material for the day. You can download Prof. Currin ­Percival’s Political Science PowerPoint slides from Canvas. You can download History lecture outlines and lists of terms from the course website under Course Documents, but Prof. Gendzel cannot not p...
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