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15A.12 syll F13

This information will be presented in a multicultural

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Unformatted text preview: ou have already taken POLS 1 or POLS 101, you may not take HIST/POLS 15A/B. Course Goals HIST 15A/B is designed to increase your understanding of social, economic, and political events that have shaped our present American society and institutions. HIST 15A/B will examine both conventional and alternative interpretations of historical events and political processes that have shaped our modern economic, political and social systems. This information will be presented in a multi ­cultural framework, including both conflict and consensus perspectives, of the choices and options available to individuals and groups in their social, economic and political relations. The focus will be on the development of a multi ­cultural society and the interactions, including cooperation and conflict, as these many and varied peoples have dealt with the social, economic and political issues. Student Learning Objectives You will learn to analyze current social and political events, relate them...
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