You should attend every class meeting from start to

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Unformatted text preview: You may not use ANY electronic devices in class without the instructor’s permission in advance. Do not use your phone in class. Do not send or receive messages once class has begun. Do not get up and leave the room to use it. Students who come and go repeatedly during class may be prohibited from reentering that day. Recording of Lectures SJSU Academic Senate Policy S12 ­7: “You must obtain the instructor’s permission to make audio or video recordings in this class. Such permission allows the recordings to be used for your private, study purposes only. The recordings are the intellectual property of the instructor; you have not been given any rights to reproduce or distribute the material.” Do NOT record, transmit, share, upload, or post the lectures in any way. You must have both instructors’\ written permission in advance if you wish to record the lectures. See the instructors for details. Attendance Policy SJSU Academic...
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