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You will be expected to read a variety of selected

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Unformatted text preview: and international relations in all the territories now in the United States. The scope of the course will be from the beginnings of this society until the present. Specific themes will include: colonialism and the mixing of cultures; race and slavery; the American Revolution; creation of the new republic; territorial expansion; economic/industrial development; social movements; family life; Civil War and Reconstruction; foreign relations; Populism and Progressivism; the New Deal; organized labor and labor relations; wars and conflicts; civil liberties; Civil Rights Movement; women’s movement; immigration and opportunity; America’s role in globalization; political ideology/culture; American political philosophy. You will be expected to read a variety of selected writings that relate to events in American history and politics, and describe and analyze the varied roles played by the diverse individuals of our society. Based on readings and lectures, you will analyz...
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