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G hospital records police report court documents

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Unformatted text preview: part of the exam will be scored on the standard 0 ­100 point grading scale. Part 2 of the exam will consist of a comprehensive essay question covering all History readings and lectures for Weeks 10 ­16. The essay question in Part 2 will be worth up to 50 points. Bring a blank T&E 200 answer sheet and a #2 pencil to this exam. Also bring a blank 8½” x 11” exam booklet (large size, any color) and two pens to this exam. T&E 200 answer sheets and exam booklets are available at the Spartan Bookstore in the Student Union. Consult the History Study Guide for more information, including sample exam questions and advice on how to study. OPEN NOTES EXAMS All exams in this course will be closed ­book but open ­notes: you may consult your own handwritten notes during the exams, but nothing else. You may not refer to any books, p...
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