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HIST 178 Syll (Sp'14)

If you have a question during class raise your hand

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Unformatted text preview: e analysis paper, and take the final exam. Library Liaison The History Department Library Liaison is Nyle Monday ([email protected]). Contact him for help with any library assignments in your History classes. His telephone number is (408) 808 ­2041. HIST 178: Crash, Depression & War, 1920 ­1950 / Gendzel – Spring 2014 Page 2 of 11 CLASSROOM REQUIREMENTS Classroom Protocol Come to class on time and remain in your seat while class is in session. Refrain from talking, whispering, sleeping, eating noisily, texting, checking messages, passing notes, or playing games. Do NOT interfere with other students’ learning. Do NOT come and go during the class period. Stay in your seat until class is dismissed. Students who come and go repeatedly may be prohibited from reentering that day. If you have a question during class, raise your hand. There will always be time for questions and discussion at the end of the class period. Class is not dis...
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