HIST 178 Syll(Sp'14)

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Unformatted text preview: s, announcements, required documents, and online resources. You accept responsibility for receiving any messages or course materials sent by email. Make sure that MySJSU has your current email address. You accept responsibility for submitting all of your assignments electronically to TURNITIN.COM. Contact Prof. Gendzel immediately if you cannot access the Internet, receive email, download .pdf files, read .pdf files, or use TURNITIN.COM. Course Description This course surveys United States history from 1920 to 1950. It covers the “Roaring Twenties,” Prohibition, the Great Depression, the New Deal, American isolationism, the road to Pearl Harbor, the United States in World War II, and the origins of Soviet ­American conflict after the war. We will focus on political changes such as woman suffrage, electoral realignments, the expansion of federal power, and the birth of modern liberalism. We will also survey the changing role of...
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